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2nd Symposium of the Theoretical and

TCCI was established in February 2011 as the molecular science division of CMSI. A workshop was held as the 2nd TCCI Symposium following the 1st Symposium that was held in February of this year. Some 100 researchers came together in the fierce heat of summer for presentations on research progress and the state of program development for the K Computer. In their initial remarks, the guest speakers expressed their hopes for rapid achievements of a kind that would only be possible with the K Computer. Lectures by the invited speakers included those by representatives chosen from among the Priority Area Researchers, researchers working on core applications for the Next-Generation Integrated Nanoscience Project leading the development of programs for the K Computer, and researchers affiliated with the RIKEN Advanced Institute for Computational Science (AICS). These included lectures by Ryo Maezono, associate professor at Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, on the topic of condensed matter physics, and Toshiyuki Koyama, professor at Nagoya Institute of Technology, on the topic of materials science. In addition, Professor Haruo Inoue of Tokyo Metropolitan University, who is also an artificial photosynthesis researcher in charge of research on “Chemical Conversion of Light Energy” in the PRESTO project of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), gave a special lecture entitled “The Goal of Artificial Photosynthesis,” in which he reported that considerable progress has been made in understanding the basic process by which photosynthesis can be achieved artificially. Many attendees participated in the tour of the Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE), a multi-screen 3D immersive display system, that was led by Professor Akira Kageyama of Kobe University, serving to indicate the great level of interest in CAVE. The social gathering that began in the evening was also extremely well attended, with more than half of those present participating. At the gathering, AICS Director Kimihiko Hirao offered words of encouragement and expressed his great hopes for the achievements to be produced by TCCI. The poster session in the afternoon on the second day was held in a small lounge but featured a spirited question and answer session and debate.


Photos : Kazuhiro Takemura (The University of Tokyo), Yoshitake Sakae (Nagoya University)