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Special Feature 1:International 2013 Symposium
The first CMSI International Symposium was held on October 21 and 22, 2013 at the Ito International Research Center at The University of Tokyo. The theme was “Extending the power of computational materials sciences with K-computer.” The conference was held approximately one year after shared use of the K computer began on September 28, 2012. The program centered on presentations of the achievements of research conducted using the K computer, and the discussion focused on the prospects for the new age of materials science ushered in by massively parallel computers.
Interview with Foreign Researchers
We asked some foreign researchers who attended the satellite workshops about their impression of the workshops and Japanese young researchers.
Tokyo Satellite Workshop
Nagoya Satellite Workshop
Kobe Satellite Workshop
Special Feature 2:Collaboration between SPIRE Field1×Field2
What We have Learned from Cooperative Phenomena in Complex Biological Systems
Special Feature 2:Collaboration between SPIRE Field2×Field5
4th Graduate Interview 【In Her Second Year on the Front Lines of Manufacturinkaxt】
Divisions of CMSI Molecular Science Division Institute for Molecular Science,National Institute of Natural Sciences
The 4th CMSI Poster Award
Of the research presentations at the 4th CMSI Workshop (held in conjunction with joint research using the Institute for Solid State Physics supercomputer) on December 10 - 13, 2013, the following presentations were selected to be recipients of the Awards.