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Profiles of Division Researchers

This section presents profiles of the Division Researchers who adopted in research at CMSI between September 1, 2011 and February 29, 2012.


Tsutomu Kawatsu
Tsutomu Kawatsu
Molecular Science Division Researcher
Fukui Institute for Fundamental Chemistry
Kyoto University

Majored in theory of the biophysical chemistry
at the Nagoya University and received a
Doctorate of Science. Currently pursuing a
research into bridge-mediated excitation energy 
transfer at Fukui Institute for Fundamental Chemistry, 
Kyoto University.

Motivation for applying for the posion
Accurate, large-scale sampling is needed for numerical 
calculations in natural science. I wanted to obtain techniques for using 
large-scale parallel computers for this purpose.

Mission / Role
My mission and role is to increase the speed of the gradient calculations used in 
first-principles molecular dynamics for the path integral approach, and to pursue 
development relating calculations in order to conduct high-efficiency sampling 
using first-principles molecular dynamics.

My goal is to establish a sampling simulation method that can treat quantum 
chemical properties in a statistical manner, while achieving a balance between 
speed and accuracy.
Guo Zhi-XinGuo Zhi-Xin

Condensed Matter Physics Division Researcher
Department of Applied Physics, The University of Tokyo

Majored in computational physics at Fudan
University in China for my Ph.D degree.
Engaged research into the application and
development the Real-Space DFT code.

Motivation for applying for the posion
I wanted to expand my research field from the thermal conductance 
to the electronic conductance, and also expand the research method 
from the classical molecular dynamics to the first principles.

Mission / Role
To calculate the electronic structure of C/Si materials in
use of the Real-Space DFT code, and also make some
contribution on the development of Real-Space DFT.

My ambition is to develop an efficient code for conductance
calculations and apply it to obtain new results for transport
properties of nanometerscale devices, and also to make many friends in Japan.
Truong Vinh Truong DuyTruong Vinh Truong Duy

Condensed Matter Physics Division Researcher
Research Center for Integrated Science, Japan
Advanced Institute of Science and Technology

Majored in Information Science at Japan Advanced Institute 
of Science and Technology and received his Ph.D. 
(Information Science). Engaged in research into 
High Performance Computing and Green, Grid, 
Cloud Computing Technologies at Japan Advanced 
Institute of Science and Technology.
Country of Origin: Hochiminh City, Vietnam.

Motivation for applying for the posion
I wished to apply my skills of information science to computational materials 
science in an interdisciplinary research project.

Mission / Role
To develop efficient petascale hybrid parallelization of extreme-scale 
applications for fully exploiting state-of-the-art supercomputers.

I wish to become a good role model in interdisciplinary research that crosses
traditional boundaries between Information Science to Computational Materials Science.
Mission of Division Researchers