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The Industry-Government-Academia Cooperation Symposium

●February 7, 2011
CMSI Industry-Government-Academia Cooperation
Symposium : "Prospects for New Industrial
Applications for Computer Simulations"
Venue : Akihabara Convention Hall
The Industry-Government-Academia Cooperation Symposium, which was planned by the Industry-Government-Academia Cooperation Subcommittee and sponsored by CMSI, attracted 150 participants from the areas of industry, government and academia. The objective of the symposium was to study current industry use of computer simulations from the different perspectives of industry, government and academia, and to discuss future approaches.
The director of the Office for the Promotion of Computing Science at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology summarized the government's guidelines as follows: "In the large-scale supercomputer project centering on the K Computer, industry, government and academia must work together to increase the nation's industrial competitiveness." To that end, the issue of large-scale software development was raised in the keynote address: "In order for Japan to lead the world in the use of supercomputers by industry, software that can make maximum use of large-scale parallelized supercomputers must be efficiently developed." The speakers who followed proposed specific efforts such as "building a strategic framework for the development, maintenance and management of large-scale calculation software and its use in industry" and "establishment of targets through close cooperation with experimenters." The matters that were discussed in the panel discussion that began in the evening included "program organization and provision from a user's perspective" and "movement of personnel between industry, government and academia and creation of venues to promote interchange." A spirited exchange of views between speakers and attendees was also held in the question and answer session that concluded the symposium.