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CMSI Research Topics


Basic Science of Novel Quantum States / New Materials


Researchers will study cutting-edge basic issues relating to condensed matter physics and quantum chemistry in order to discover novel quantum s t ates, elucidate the dy namic s of electron systems, predict quantum finestructure of molecules and study the emergence of new functionalities through fluctuations and dynamics.

Next-generation advanced device science


As semiconductor device miniaturization approaches its physical limits, research is being promoted into nanoscale devices that use the quantum effect. Next-generation supercomputers will be used to per form simulations that incorporate the quantum effect that controls nanoscale phenomena in order to develop guidelines for designing new devices.

Molecular Function and Matter Transformation


The structure and functions of nanoscale molecules and molecular ensembles will be studied with a view to controlling these functions. For example, all-atom simulations of viruses, which are molecular ensembles, will help researchers identify the molecular mechanism responsible for infection and immunity and lead to the development of antiviral agents.

Energy Conversion


Unprecedented large-scale simulations will be conducted to identify the basic processes of fuel cells, methane hydrate and so on, in order to discover materials that are suitable for use in energy conversion and storage.