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Next Generation of Nanoscience Integrating Three Fields

~Towards reality beyond the imagination~


CMSI is the hub of a research network pursuing research in Field 2 "New Materials and Energy Creation" within the Next-generation Supercomputer Strategy Program of MEXT. It serves as the nucleus for three operating institutions (in the fields of condensed matter physics, molecular science, and materials science) and 11 cooperating institutes and universities. The result is a research organization that goes beyond the boundaries separating individual research fields.
The objective of the Initiative is to nurture an open community in which researchers and developers in these fields from industry, government and academia can freely participate. The ultimate goal of the computational materials science is to expand and deepen the headwaters of basic science and turn it into a torrent of applied research capable of manipulating material functions and energy conversion.
The following strategic issues have been established as a pathway to this goal.





CMSI will strategically promote research in these areas, while at the same time providing wide-ranging support for research into future prospective areas in order to develop the field of computational materials science.